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Bausch and Lomb Ultra 6pk Bausch and Lomb Ultra 6pk


The Optima 38/SP is the only traditional contact lens that comes with a spare pair for convenience and peace of mind. Optima Toric lenses are made using patented lathe-cutting technology for the correction of astigmatism. Optima contacts offer superior visual acuity and comfort.

Optima 38/SP Optima 38/SP Optima Toric Optima Toric


Purevision contacts are made from a unique material that allows natural oxygen to pass through, allowing your eyes to see detail and contrast, while remaining comfortable. Purevision HD contact lenses offer high-definition optics that helps to reduce the negative effects of halos and glare.

PureVision 2 HD PureVision 2 HD


Soflens contacts offer crisp, clear vision, comfort and deposit-resistance. Soflens contacts are also available as multifocal and toric lenses for two week wear cycles.

Soflens 38 Soflens 38 Soflens Daily Disposables Soflens Daily Disposables
Soflens Multi-Focal Soflens Multi-Focal Soflens Toric (for Astigmatism) Soflens Toric (for Astigmatism)